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Auditors: We May Never Know If Bank Bailout Worked


WASHINGTON — We may never know whether the government's $700 billion bailout of the financial industry worked, according to a new report from congressional auditors. That's because it will be impossible to sort out which of the government's spending and other tinkering has made a difference, according to the report released Friday by the Government Accountability Office.

"The lack of a clearly articulated vision has complicated Treasury's ability to effectively communicate to Congress, the financial markets, and the public on the benefits of TARP," the report said.

sort out 〈…を〉分類する

tinker 〔…を〕下手に修繕する,(修繕のつもりで)下手にいじくり回す

articulate 〈考え・論旨など〉明確な,理路整然とした.

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