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Thai protesters swarm prime minister’s compound


Tens of thousands of Thai anti-government protesters swarmed into the prime minister’s office compound in Bangkok on Saturday in a bid to press for fresh elections, the latest example of the political dysfunction that has roiled the Southeast Asian kingdom for nearly three years.

However, unlike previous protests, UDD organizers said protesters would not enter Government House, and would disperse after reading a list of demands that include the swift prosecution of PAD members who seized two Bangkok airports last year, paralysing air traffic and denting the economy.

swarm 群がる,たかる

compound 複合、混合

in a bid to 〜 しようとして、〜を目指して

roil 〈液体を〉(かき乱して)濁らせる

disperse 消散する 解散する

swift すみやかな

prosecution 起訴

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