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Mizuho slashes profit forecast



Of the Y150bn Mizuho lopped off from its forecast net earnings for the year, Y80bn was due to higher credit costs suffered in the third quarter and expected in the fourth quarter.

“It’s hard to glean too many positives from these results,” said Jason Rogers, analyst at Barclays in Singapore.

However, Mr Rogers said Japanese banks were likely to have to raise even more capital in the form of common shares, as the dire economic situation led to increasing non-performing loans.

lop 〈…を〉削る 〈off,away〉

glean 〈情報・事実・知識などを〉(苦労して少しずつ)収集する 〔from〕

dire 恐ろしい,ものすごい; 悲惨な

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