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Expansion of LNG threatens gas glut



A huge expansion of global capacity for producing liquefied natural gas is set to bring additional volumes on to an already depressed global market.

Mr Harris said that companies with LNG projects due to come on stream this year “would not be rushing hell for leather to get production at full tilt”, and the additional volumes coming on to the market were likely to be well below the planned increase in capacity.

However, projects under construction cannot be deferred indefinitely. So if the new plants do not reach full production this year, they are likely to do so next year. “2010 may be the really horrendous year,” Mr Harris said.

glut 供給過剰

liquefy 液化する

hell for leather 猛スピードで

at full tilt 力いっぱいで,全速力で

horrendous 恐ろしい,ものすごい

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