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BofA withdraws job offers to foreign MBAs


A spokesman for the bank said: “Recent changes in legislation made it necessary for Bank of America to rescind job offers it had made to students requiring H-1B sponsorship.”

Some supporters of freer migration have criticised the Tarp measure for threatening to cut the US off from foreign talent and encouraging tit-for-tat retaliation by other countries.

One concern for business school deans is that students who have traditionally studied in the US may go elsewhere. “There might be an inclination for people from around the world to vote with their feet,” says David Schmittlein, dean of MIT’s Sloan school of management in Boston.

rescind 〈法律・条約などを〉無効にする,廃止する,撤廃する

tit-for-tat 売り言葉に買い言葉,しっぺい返し

inclination 好み,傾向,

vote with one's feet 退席して反対の意思を表わす

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