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Chrysler in doomsday jobs warning


Chrysler began its stint in bankruptcy court on Friday with a plea for haste and a doomsday warning that, if it could not execute its proposed restructuring within two months, hundreds of thousands of jobs could be lost.

Outside the Manhattan courtroom, the row over the Chapter 11 filing rumbled on with creditors crying foul and an Obama administration official accusing them of “red herring” arguments.

“We have to hit it in high gear,” Corinne Ball of Jones Day, representing Chrysler, told the packed court in the first hearing on the carmaker’s petition.

“These hedge funds that didn’t agree – they’ve got a darn good case because they’re secured,” said one bankruptcy attorney who is not advising the funds. “We’ve got a constitution in this country.”

It planned to file motions later in the day to secure approval of a $4.5bn government debtor-in-possession loan and to establish procedures for the sale of most of its assets to Fiat, which dissident debtholders are expected to contest.

stint 割り当て仕事; 一定期間の労働

plea 申し立て,嘆願

haste 急ぎ,急速 《★【比較】 hurry より形式ばった語》

rumble 〈人が〉だらだらといつまでも話す; 〈話・議論などが〉だらだらといつまでも続く 〈on〉

petition 請願,嘆願

darn = damn すごく,ひどく

dissident 意見を異にする; 反体制の

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