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Signs of green shoots raise hopes


Scattered signs of green shoots in the global economy are raising hopes that the recession could bottom out later this year, paving the way for economic recovery in 2010.

However, the signs remain tentative. Economists warn that recessions rarely proceed in straight lines and false dawns are common before recovery finally takes hold.

Friday’s news that the US economy lost 663,000 jobs in March is a reminder that the global economy remains in dire straits with considerable downward momentum.

However, it does appear that the rate of deterioration has slowed from the precipitous pace in late 2008, when the global economy looked to be diving off a cliff.

China’s improving business sentiment combines with resilient retail sales, strong loan growth and a powerful rebound in domestic equities.

green shot 若芽

pave 〔+目(+with+(代)名)〕〔石・アスファルトなどを〕〈道路に〉敷く,舗装する 《★通例受身で用いる》

tentative 仮の

straits [複数形で; 通例 in 〜s で] 窮乏,窮境,難局,困難

precipitous 急勾配(こうばい)の.

resilient たちまち元気を回復する; 快活な,溌刺(はつらつ)とした.

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