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Tata sets Nano launch date



Tata Motors on Thursday set April as the launch date for the Nano, the world’s cheapest car, in a bold gamble that India’s largest automaker hopes will revive its plummeting sales.

The heavily-indebted group said the mini-car, whose price would start at Rs100,000 ($1,948), would go on sale in April, ending months of delays after political strife at its original plant near Calcutta, eastern India, forced it to shift the factory.

Tata executives argue the Nano’s rock-bottom price makes it the perfect product to launch during an economic crisis.

“It fits my budget and now fuel prices too are down,” said Mr Verma, who somehow crams his whole family onto the scooter.

“No more getting drenched in the monsoon,” said one of his daughters, referring to Mumbai’s punishing rainy season.

plummet 〈人気・物価などが〉急落する

strife 争い

rock-bottom (価値などの)最低,どん底

somehow どうにかして

cram 詰め込む,押し込む

drench びしょぬれにする

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