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AIG considers break-up in bid to stay afloat


It also could provide a template for carving up other troubled financial groups – such as Citigroup – should they be brought under government control, the people involved say.

But people involved in the talks say that company could disappear if the government decides to recoup taxpayers’ investments in the insurer by selling or listing the three divisions separately.

Insiders said the new rescue plan was precipitated by AIG’s deepening financial woes – which were caused by a sharp rise in unrealised losses in its investment portfolio – and its difficulties in selling large assets to repay the current loan.

One of AIG’s most prized assets, American International Assurance, its Asian business that was once valued at $20bn, attracted lukewarm interest. Potential bidders have been deterred by turbulent conditions in insurance and credit markets.

carve up 〈領土などを〉(勝手に)分割する.

recoup 〈損金などを〉〔…から〕取り戻す; 埋め合わす

precipitate 早める,促進する

woe 災難,災い

deter やめさせる,思いとどまらせる

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