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Jobless put new slant on stress tests


The upshot is that the likelihood of unemployment reaching 10.4 per cent looks higher than it did at the onset of the exercise.

The authorities believe it is too late to revisit the assumptions underpinning the stress tests. However, it is not too late for them to decide to interpret the implications for capital more stringently.

Moreover, signs of economic recovery could persuade policymakers to disregard the rapid recent rise in unemployment on the grounds that it might revert to the less alarming trajectory they originally expected.

At the same time, administration officials are pressing wary banks and regulators to agree to disclose summary details of the stress test assessment of each bank’s assets.

However, they want to avoid a disorderly situation in which the stronger banks advertise the results of their stress tests while weaker banks resist doing so. This could further stigmatise the weaker banks and lead to an additional loss of confidence.

slant 観点,見地

upshot 結果,結末,結論

onset 始まり; 着手

underpin 支持する, 支える

on the ground that (that 以下)ということを考慮{こうりょ}して

trajectory (弾丸・ロケットなどの)弾道

wary 用心深い,慎重な

stigmatize 汚名を着せる

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