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GM rethinks survival plan again


General Motors is to prepare a third version of the viability plan that forms the basis of US government aid to the ailing carmaker in order to take account of unrelenting weakness in the new vehicle market.

With the two companies still engaged in talks about concessions from lenders and the United Auto Workers union, the deadline for implementation of their turnround plans is almost certain to slip into the one-month grace period provided for by the bail-out agreements.

Meanwhile, tensions have risen between Opel, GM’s German subsidiary, and the Detroit parent. Some Opel managers have said they feel neglected by GM. “The US management is only occupied with the GM world and they are completely negligent of Opel,” one said.

GM Europe denied there was friction with Opel and said that it had informed management in Germany of its restructuring plans.

Unrelenting 厳しい; 断固とした

Concession 譲歩; 容認

negligent 怠慢な,不注意な

friction 摩擦,あつれき

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