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ADB’s lending revamp under threat


Controversial plans by the Asian Development Bank to change its lending criteria could be dropped, amid mounting concern in Washington that the overhaul will water down social and environmental standards for project financing.

People familiar with discussions on the ADB board said some shareholders had been sounded out about shelving a review that one insider described as “painful”.

Support from the US, which alongside Japan is the bank’s largest shareholder, is not sewn up.

Such concerns could scuttle the capital increase plan, as Congress will need to approve funding for the bank’s capital expansion.

revamp 改訂する

overhaul 精密検査

water down うすめる、効果を弱める

shelve 〈法案などを〉棚上げする,握りつぶす

alongside 一緒に

sew up 〈交渉などを〉うまくまとめる, 締結する

scuttle 〈計画・企てなどを〉やめる

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