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GM crops continue to spread


Clive James, ISAAA chairman, said the most significant development last year was the first commercial planting of biotech crops in two African countries: maize in Egypt and cotton in Burkina Faso.

Mr James, a strong supporter of GM in agriculture, said: “Future growth prospects [in Africa] are encouraging. The positive experiences in these new regional footholds will help lead the way for neighbouring countries to learn by example.”

The third country where GM crops were planted for the first time last year was Bolivia, where farmers grew herbicide-resistant soya; it is the ninth country in Latin America to adopt the technology. One new GM crop, herbicide-resistant sugar beet, was launched last year in the US and Canada.

Crops with “stacked traits” are becoming increasingly important, the ISAAA report shows.

GM soy monocultures in South America are wiping out forests, causing massive climate emissions and forcing communities off their lands.”

maize とうもろこし

foothold 足場

herbicide 除草剤

stack 積み重ねる

trait 特性,特色

monoculture 単一栽培

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