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New cars for old


The administration has been taken aback by the enthusiasm with which Americans have embraced the plan.

A proposal to sluice a further $2bn into the scheme now awaits approval by the Senate.

Republican senators are likely to prevent the measure being passed before the summer recess, which begins on Friday. They will, however, find it harder to sell their rectitude to the public than is usually the case.

But, however popular the scheme is, the Republicans’ instincts are right: the plan is a lemon.

The US government should not try to whip up demand by subsidising the destruction of the country’s existing stock of cars.

be taken aback 不意を打たれる; 驚く

sluice 水門を開いて〈貯水池などの〉水を放水する

recess (議会の)休会

rectitude 正直,清廉(せいれん)

lemon できそこない,欠陥品

whip up 刺激する; 励ます,盛んにする

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