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Bank chiefs to travel by public transport


They will travel from points near and far – from California to the New York island – but the financial titans converging on Washington next week for a congressional grilling will all leave the private jet in the hangar.

Vilified for enjoying lavish lifestyles while their companies are kept afloat by billions of taxpayers’ dollars, the men formerly known as Masters of the Universe have opted to get a first-hand look at the US’s crumbling transport infrastructure.

Vikram Pandit, Citigroup’s chief executive will also be on one of the NYC-DC air shuttles. After being castigated by the US Treasury for wanting to take delivery of a $50m jet – a decision subsequently reversed – Citi is in no mood to antagonise its government benefactors.

But even John Stumpf, who runs San Francisco-based Wells Fargo, is going to have to stand in line at security before he embarks on his coast-to-coast jaunt.

converge に向かって集まる

grill 〈人を〉厳しく尋問する

hanger 格納庫

vilify 〈人を〉けなす,中傷する.

afloat 破産せずに

first hand 直接の

crumble 〈建物・勢力・希望などが〉もろく消えうせる

castigate 〈人を〉厳しくしかる; 罰する

subsequently その後

antagonism 反対,敵対,敵意

benefactor 恩人

janut (近距離の)遠足

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