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Hopes rise for fast GM bankruptcy exit



A committee of bondholders said on Thursday that “when contrasted with the alternative – uncertain and costly bankruptcy court litigation – it represents the best alternative for bondholders in the current difficult and dire situation”.

Berlin accused GM and the US Treasury of an “ambush” after a last-minute revelation that Germany would be asked to come up with an extra $415m that Berlin had understood would be coming from Washington.

“I would have liked to see a more serious and conciliatory approach from the American side,” Mr zu Guttenberg said. “What happened overnight borders on the absurd.”

Officials in Berlin were also offended that the US Treasury had not dispatched a senior representative, saying that the group had to interrupt proceedings to talk to more senior officials via videoconference facilities.

litigation 訴訟

ambush 待ち伏せ

revelation 意外な新事実

absurd 不合理な

dispatch 〈軍隊・特使などを〉〔…へ〕急派する,特派する

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