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Crossfire shatters civilian life in Swat


Sadaqat Jan, a civilian displaced from Swat, appeared deeply uncertain on Sunday when asked to name the enemy in his war-torn northern valley, even as Pakistan’s army ordered civilians out of the area in preparation for a bigger battle.

The army briefly lifted a curfew yesterday and ordered civilians out of four districts to clear the way for attacks on the militants. Thousands of families left their homes, heading to other parts of North-West Frontier province (NWFP) and farther afield, to the province of Punjab and the capital, Islamabad. Many of the refugees rode buses, trucks, cars and donkey carts out of the valley, while others simply set out on foot to flee the embattled region.

“The government has already woken up too late. This is not a sudden earthquake or a natural calamity for which they couldn’t prepare.

A senior western diplomat said: “If you are fighting on enemy turf, your own public will broadly support you, especially if there is victory.

shatter 損なう

displace 立ち退かす 〔from〕

war-torn 戦争で荒廃[疲弊]した

curfew 門限時間,夜間外出禁止時間

far afield はるかに遠くへ

rode 乗り物に〕(乗客として)乗る,乗っていく

embattled 戦備を整えた,布陣した

calamity 惨事

turf 〈人・ものを〉追い払う

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